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ARSAM TEJARAT MEHR.Co.Ltd. R.No:499487,IDNo:14006222369

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Under  the brand of FORCE is our agent of home appliance products in IRAN. 

Letterof Commitment


To: Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade of the Islamic Republic ofIran


According to the rules and regulations of the Islamic Republic ofIran for guaranteeing after-sales services for capital goods imported to Iranincluding cars and vehicles (heavy and light), industrial, agricultural, roadconstruction machinery, home appliances, electrical and electronic equipmentaudio-visual and telecommunication devices JIAYE INDUSTRIAL LTD. (name offoreign company in full) producer / owner of brand for products FORCEregistered and incorporated under the laws of CHINA at the registered officeaddress JIAYE INDUSTRIAL LTD.

Add:Tongle Industrial Zone, DongfengTown,Zhongshancity,Guangdong,China.

Tel:+(86)-760-89996910 / Mobile:0086 18933371845  and hereinaftercalled "COMPANY" in this Letter of Commitment, hereby officiallyappoints  ARSAM TEJARAT MEHR.Co.LTD (nameof Iranian company) which is registered and incorporated under the rules and regulationsof the Islamic Republic of Iran as its official representative for productsHome appliances under the trademark FORCE at the registered office address Unit 4, Fourth Floor, NO 157, DowlatSt, Pasdaran, Tehran, IRAN  postalcode:1951613711 telephone number: +98 22792418 fax number: +98 22545408  email: hereinafteris called "REPRESENTATIVE" in this Letter of Commitment. 

"COMPANY" shall fully support the"REPRESENTATIVE" in all areas related to aftersales services andshall be committed to the following items: 

1-      Guaranteeing Pre-DeliveryInspection (PDI), service provision, performance guarantee over the warrantyand guarantee period for all of the products mentioned above which have been orshall be imported to the country by the real or legal entities. 

2-      Providing after-sales services,supplying parts and components at fair prices for at least five (5) years afterselling the last model of a product to Iran. 

3-      Providing regular repair andmaintenance services according to the standard procedures of the "COMPANY.

Furthermore, the "COMPANY" hereby, shall be committed incase and for any reason, the "REPRESENTATIVE" fails in providing theservices mentioned above, or their activities shall be ended up, at theearliest time possible, appoint a new, reliable and trustworthy representativeto provide such services and shall inform in writing the government of theIslamic Republic of Iran. This shall also be announced to the public byprinting in the Official Gazette of the Islamic Republic of Iran and one of thepublicly printed papers stating that all the commitments and responsibilitiesof the previous representative have been transferred to the newrepresentative  in an appropriate andcomplete way.

Anydispute, arising out of or in the course of performance of this letter ofcommitment, or the interpretation thereof, shall amicably be settled betweenthe "COMPANY" and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran in agood faith. If no settlement can be reached, it shall be resolved exclusivelythrough arbitration or ICC (International Chamber of Commerce). Otherwise, thedispute shall be referred to the courts of the Islamic Republic of Iran or thecourts of a third country shall have jurisdiction in this respect.  


Thecorporate seal and signature of the highest rank of the "COMPANY" 

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